martes, 6 de septiembre de 2016

How to instantly adult.

Let's be honest as I'm the last of the lost boys: I don't adult. I suck at adulting and I'm probably never going to learn.
-And I don't think there's someone that actually knows; I mean: there's not such a thing as 'adulting'-

But sometimes -sometimes everyday- we need to practice the appreciation of the little things that make us feel more put together even when everything else is collapsing.

So yeah, here are five things that make me feel like a totally put together functional adult even when I want to go crying to the corner of the room; or eat pringles straight from the can all night long.

There's nothing that gives me a confidence boost like black high heels, even if I'm just wearing leggings and a basic dress, putting on some black heels instantly make me go 'omg, I this super functional business woman and I got this shit handled' and after that I just order pizza and roll in my couch, with my shoes on.

2. Having my surfaces clean.
Ok, I'm sure this works with everyone and having my bed made has a similar feel. But after the worst day ever if I come home to a clean, empty desk where I can see my tiny cactus friend saying Hi!, clean shelves and a clean bathroom sink where I can just love the marble, I'm going to feel put together, and I love it.

3. Switching from coke to water.
Everything I consciously change my drink from coke or sprite to water I instantly go like 'LOOK AT ME, I'M SUCH AN ADULT, MAKING HEATHLY CHOICES', even if the minutes after I regret it and start needing my daily sugar.

4. Getting into a bed with good quality bedding. 
No, it doesn't need to be 800 thread count Egyptian cotton or something actually fancy. But getting nice cotton bedding that actually matches is probably one of the biggest satisfactions on earth. Is just nice and definitely if your bed is put together, so are you. 

5. Grabbing coffee by myself
Go to the nearest coffee shop (Starbucks will work) and get yourself a espresso or other adult beverage.
Maybe take a nice book and read it. Alone
Maybe just walk away with your to-go drink and curse over the fact it is probably too hot.

There's something weird and adult-ish about being all alone reading and enjoying some nice coffee. You can do it under a tree if the weather helps, but the idea of being in my little piece of earth gives me the extra energy boost I need to overcome a difficult situation. And makes me feel way cooler.

What makes you feel instantly grown up and like a responsible adult?
Any tips on this subject?